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Integrate Text Request
seamlessly with our APIs.

API Features
Contact Management
Create and update contacts automatically. Great for inbound leads.
Real-Time 2-Way Messaging
Record and manage text conversations in your CRM.
Bulk Messaging
Send the same text to multiple contacts. Great for mass notifications.
Keyword Management
Manage keyword subscribers seamlessly. Great for marketing campaigns.
Picture Messaging
Send and receive multimedia files with MMS.
Delivery Confirmations
Get status updates on all texts as they’re being sent.
Triggered Messaging
Send texts when contacts take specific actions. Great for sales funnels and verifications.
Unlimited Message Length
Send texts as long as you want.
Scheduled Messaging
Schedule reminder texts for important details. Great for appointments, birthdays, and events.
Outbound API
Automatically send SMS and MMS messages with our RESTful web service. Use with any programming language.
Real-Time Webhooks
Record SMS and MMS messages in your CRM using our webhooks.

Create a Text Request account to get your API key and web service endpoint.