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How Does Mobile Email Engagement Compare to Desktop Rates?

Email engagement rates might be the most scrutinized piece of data in marketing. Case studies abound on the “best” terms to use in subject lines and the “ideal” time to send messages. Now we're adding another layer of understanding to email engagement, thanks to a recent study by email service provider Return Path that compared mobile and desktop rates.

What Is Click-to-Text, and How Can My Business Use It?

If you haven’t set up Click-to-Text yet, it’s one of those really simple things that can have a huge impact. Click-to-Text is a button or link on a website that will open up a text message when clicked - like this. When mobile viewers click this button (or text link), a text will open up pre-addressed to your business.

9 Easy Ways to Let People Know Your Business Texts

Once you start using Text Request, you have to let people know your business texts. If you don't, no one will text you, because they won't know they can! So here are 9 ways you can let people know your business texts.

What Does It Mean to "Text Like You Text Your Friends"?

We often describe Text Request as a way for your businesses to text with consumers just like you text your friends and family. But what exactly does that mean? Here are 6 examples and case studies to help you understand what we mean by "text like you text your friends." Let's dive in!

7 Ways Text Messaging for Business Can Empower Employees

Every company should have a structure around text messaging for business, because the benefits are enormous! One key benefit is that texting can empower employees. And since empowered employees are more valuable employees, it’s worth investigating how texting at work can strengthen your people. That’s what we’ll do in this article.

15 Unique Conversation Starters to Drive Customer Communications

Conversations are the strongest tool you have to build relationships between customers and your brand, so it’s important to come up with conversation starters for all sorts of occasions. Before I get into why conversations are important, you need to understand one thing:

9 Smart Steps to Get More Out of Your Next Business Meeting

Some people love a good business meeting, while others avoid them. However you feel, meetings are a crucial piece to most thriving organizations. The problem is so many business meetings are unproductive! They're often unnecessary or mismanaged, which doesn't help anyone. In fact, Atlassian reports that Americans spend 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings, costing employers about $37 billion a year!

9 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Small Business Texting

Small business texting might be the most underutilized tool you already have. Everyone texts, and we text for a 101 reasons every day, including business! Texting has been the most popular form of communication for a decade, and it might feel like a rather commonplace thing. But that ubiquity is exactly what gives it so much power. So, how can small business texting grow your brand? How can it take your business from point $A to point $B?

How Many People Still Use a Landline Phone in 2018? New Research Finds

It feels like everyone has migrated to using their smartphone for everything. So, how many people still use a landline phone in 2018? The short answer is: more than you’d think. Or, at least, it turns out more people still use a landline phone than we would have guessed. We'd assume that more and more people are choosing to save money by tossing their landline phones, and only using their cell phones.

How Much Time Do People Spend on Their Mobile Phones in 2018?

We'd all agree that people are on their phones "all the time." But what does that look like in minutes and hours? How much time do people spend on their mobile phones in 2017? Thankfully, there's been a lot of research done on this recently. We'll share that research below, and give you a breakdown on what it means for our day-to-day lives. So, how much time do people spend on their mobile phones in 2017? Let's dig in!