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4 Major Reasons You Should Consider SMS Marketing for Retail

SMS marketing for retail (or for any small business) is not a new thing, but it is a great thing. Texting is a very powerful communications tool, but how can you use it to grow your business? And why should you? The answers are surprisingly simple. We'll flush out the value of SMS marketing for retail in the Q&As below. Let's get started!

7 Small Business Marketing Tips to Drive Exponential Growth

Small business marketing is interesting, because you probably have all the expertise of big corporations, just not the massive budget! So how can you stand out? The small business marketing tips below are designed to help you strategically build a powerful brand online, whether you're a local business or have customers all over the country!

3 Easy Business SMS Strategies to Increase Customer Retention & Value

Happier customers stay with you longer, give you more money, and recommend you to others. These business SMS strategies are designed to create happier customers. Let's dig in! A few key factors create great customer experiences, and you know what? They have nothing to do with your products or services.

4 Effortless Business Texting Strategies to Increase Sales

Mobile is changing consumer behavior, and business texting can help you adapt successfully. For reference, “business texting” is text messaging as a brand, with organization and a unified voice. You might text with prospects, customers, employees, or subscribers. You might text using your smartphone or a management tool like ours. But what makes business texting different from texting with your friends is that conversations are easily managed as a team, or as a business.

CustomViewbook, Text Request Partner in Higher Education Technology

Tech companies CustomViewbook and Text Request have partnered to provide "mobile-first" advantages for higher education. The partnership enables real-time, two-way text communication between admissions advisers and student prospects.

5 Essential Tips for Successful SMS Lead Generation

Successful SMS lead generation can mark the difference between a business that excels, and a business that struggles as consumers shift to mobile. But that’s why you’re here, right? You understand that focusing on mobile engagement, marketing, and conversions will play a vital role for your business, and that it’s better to start sooner rather than later. So how can you capture more people through their smartphones?

7 Simple Steps to Quickly Convert More Online Leads

Your business can thrive in the digital world, if you do the right things. And first on that list is learning how to convert more online leads. You work hard for your leads. You spend a lot of money to get them. Yet only 20% of qualified leads become customers. Why is that?

Is Online Texting Right for Your Business?

There’s no sense in doing something that won’t bring value, so this guide is here to help you see if online texting could add value to you and your business. Let's dig in!

8 Benefits of Texting for Business That You Desperately Need

Texting for business is still a relatively new concept, even though texting between friends has been the norm for years. Yet there are certain benefits of texting for business that everyone would enjoy. There are certain characteristics that any company or business leader would be proud to own. Like being efficient, personal, engaging, and preferred by customers, among others. Texting for business injects all of these respectable traits - and more - into the heart of your organization. In fact, there are at least 8 benefits of texting for business that you desperately need.

Startup Journal: Why Is Tim Gunn Relevant to Your Business?

When you think about the tech startup world, or business in general, a character like Tim Gunn is likely not what comes to mind. But he's as relevant to your work as any developer or marketer, for one simple reason.