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How to Get More 5-Star Online Reviews for Your Business

You’d like more people saying good things about your business, right? I think we all would. But getting people to speak well of you is bigger than just something that’d be nice. In fact, it’s crucial to any business wanting to grow. Nowadays, people do most of their talking online. People do most of their listening and research online, too. That’s why 5-star online reviews are so helpful, and why bad reviews can be so hurtful.

Why Would Your Business Ever Place Someone on Hold?

Businesses, I've got a bone to pick with you. We spend 20 minutes a week on hold. (Tweet this!) That's over 43 days of our lives(!) spent listening to low quality audio and automated messages telling us how "important" we are to your company. Have you ever noticed the irony in that?

Want People to Spend More? Be More Convenient

People regularly spend more for convenience. So if you want customers to spend more with you, you need to be more convenient!

Customer Experience Questions You Absolutely Need to Answer

Customer experience is crucial to every part of your business, from finding your targets to keeping existing customers happy. You need to make sure your customer experience is top notch. You and your team need to have solid answers to all of these customer experience questions.

3 Helpful Ways to Get Customers to Spend More with Your Business

What business wouldn't want customers willing to spend more with them? The real question is: How do you make it happen?

4 Alternatives to Missing Phone Calls and Losing Business

Every phone call is a chance to grow your business, which means missing phone calls is a surefire way to lose business. Unfortunately, no one can answer every call. So what can you do?

Your Customers Want to Be Able to Text Your Business

Your customers want to be able to text your business. How do we know? The average cell phone owner under 45y.o. sends and receives about 85 texts every day! We spend over 4 hours a day on our mobile phones, and very little of that time is used for phone calls.

How to Earn Nearly 50% More Money From Your Customers

You want to earn more money from your customers, right? You want to be the best person and business in your niche, and you want to grow! A significant part of this growth is maximizing customer value. As your average customer value increases, so will everything else.

Why Customers Are Sick of Your Automated Services

A person's needs can't be automated, and your automated services are causing tension. But a trend of the last decade has been to automate as many business practices as possible! Yes, it’s important for businesses to continually become more efficient. But at what cost?

3 Simple Steps to Provide the Customer Experience Millennials Want

Customer experience is one heck of a buzzword these days, particularly when it comes to web development. We get it - if you don’t give customers what they want, they won’t be your customers. But how do you improve your business’s customer experience? What do people want, anyway?