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How to Create (and Target) Custom Buyer Personas

It's important to make sure your marketing campaigns bring in a good return. After all, it wouldn’t be sustainable (or sensible) to spend thousands on a campaign that only returned a few hundred bucks.

10 Ways for Small Businesses to Get More New Customers

We all want to get more new customers while keeping the one's we've already got. How can you do that without jacking up your budget or going on a hiring spree? Here are 10 proven strategies.

4 Effortless Business Texting Strategies to Increase Sales

Mobile is changing consumer behavior, and business texting can help you adapt successfully. For reference, “business texting” is text messaging as a brand, with organization and a unified voice. You might text with prospects, customers, employees, or subscribers. You might text using your smartphone or a management tool like ours. But what makes business texting different from texting with your friends is that conversations are easily managed as a team, or as a business.

7 Simple Steps to Quickly Convert More Online Leads

Your business can thrive in the digital world, if you do the right things. And first on that list is learning how to convert more online leads. You work hard for your leads. You spend a lot of money to get them. Yet only 20% of qualified leads become customers. Why is that?

The 2 Questions Everyone Asks Before Making a Purchase

The customer buying process is really quite simple. Whether it's your everyday consumer or a business owner, the criteria for making a purchase is the same. You don't need complicated sales strategies or an elaborate FAQ. All you have to do is answer the two questions everyone asks before making a purchase.

13 Amazing Responses to Stupid Sales Calls Objections

Sales people get a bad rap just for doing their jobs. Our economy is built on sales, and yet decision makers respond to sales people like they’re scum. While often absurd and insulting, there are ways to bulldoze over their excuses and become a voice of reason.

Should You Never Call a Sales Lead Again?

Here's what we've seen. When you add texting to your business, all your numbers improve. It's faster, it's what a lot of consumers prefer, and it gets results. It makes you wonder, should you never call a sales lead again?

How Does Making Sales with Text Messaging Work?

For decades, the secret to making sales has been to get the prospect on the phone. The only problem is, no one answers the phone anymore. So what can you do? Well, you can text them!

Most of Your Leads Never Convert Because of Poor Follow-Up

Everyone wants to get more leads, because everyone wants to close more sales. But what if the problem isn't how many leads you get? What if the problem is how you're handling the leads you've already got?

50% of Sales Go to First Responder: How to Be First

We all know timing is important. Some people would go so far as to say timing is everything! And they’re right. But timing is less about being in the right place at the right time, and more about serving customers in a timely manner. Immediately, in fact.