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ABM Photography

ABM Photography is San Diego's premiere wedding photography studio. We have a huge passion for making a meaningful impact on people's lives by documenting their wedding day through a photo-journalistic style of photography.
San Diego, California
Years In Business
  • We have over 625 online five star reviews.
Case Study

I realized early on that I was addicted to capturing the special energy of weddings on camera. My favorite part of a wedding is that calm moment—after the ceremony, wedding party, and family photos are all done—when I get to go with the bride and groom to take romantic shots. It’s usually just the couple and me that are around when we take these photos, and so it’s very quiet and intimate. Moments like those are what make my work so contagious and fun.

My team averages around 100 weddings a year. We’re on a ton of preferred business lists and are recommended by over 25 venues around San Diego. So, before Text Request we were running into a major bottleneck problem where we were going through all of our leads in a sub-typical way over email. Our leads would fill out a contact form, we would call them for follow ups, but then they’d never answer our phone calls or voicemail because of robocalls or work.

Now that Text Request has helped us break that communication barrier through texting, our leads actually respond to us during the work day. Before they wouldn’t step outside while they were working to discuss rates with us over the phone. But with texts they know the communication will be fast and efficient enough for them to continue working while they discuss rates with us. This has helped us make new connections with so many more leads. It’s just easier for our prospects if they can text us.

We really only needed five minutes to look at Text Request and understand how it works—it’s that simple of a platform. Our favorite feature is the Chrome extension, because it makes it quick and easy to look at our contacts. You just click on the extension and it’s ready to go.

With the Chrome extension, website, and mobile app there’s really three different ways you can use Text Request. My team uses all three, it's made it possible to connect with leads like never before.

Brian Kent

I started out as a photojournalist working for my college newspaper and then later moved on to work as a photographer for a studio specializing in family portraits and weddings. I quickly realized I was drawn to the high energy of weddings, so I took what I learned and moved to San Diego to start my own studio. I love living creatively and pushing the scope of my experience.

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