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Bendell Law Firm, PLLC

Bendell Law Firm, PLLC is committed to answering your questions about Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Probate and Business Disputes law issues in Kootenai County and Spokane. He treats each client with individualized and focused attention in order to assist them in achieving their goals in whatever legal difficulty they may be facing.
Post Falls, ID
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Case Study

I’m a sole practitioner devoted to litigation primarily representing clients who get into accidents due to the negligence of other people or companies. 

A lot of lawyers never go into courtrooms and are only comfortable drafting documents in their office, but I get bored by that and love being on trial. It’s exciting to me, like riding a roller coaster. I enjoy taking on the challenge of winning a case for my clients, and I always give each of them individualized and focused attention.

I need to maintain close communications with clients to help them best reach their goals, so texting was an obvious go-to for me. People look for lawyers on their cell phones now and want to have the option to text them. I knew that if I wanted to draw in more leads, and I needed to find a texting solution like Text Request because so many young people rely on texting. 

I tried many different texting tools, but didn’t feel like any of them were user-friendly. Text Request stood out because it was so simple and straightforward. I intuitively could figure out how things worked without any help, but still had the option to get training if needed. 

I love that Text Request’s SMS Chat gives potential clients a way to contact me directly from my website. Many people would much rather do that than sit at their computer to draft an email or play phone tag. Most of my clients don’t even check their emails until the end of the day, but they’ll check their texts hourly. We can get work done so much faster by collaborating over text.

I also love being able to use Text Request from both my phone and desktop. The mobile app is a great tool to have in trial. If I happen to need something from one of my assistants, I can text them instead of making a phone call and annoy the judge. 

Texting is a great tool for lawyers, especially in litigation. You have to be able to reach clients fast when you discover you need something for a case, and Text Request makes that possible.

Jim Bendell
Sole Practitioner

I graduated from Rutgers Law School after completing my Batchelor's Degree at the College of William and Mary. After two years as a prosecutor, I worked for 16 years as a litigator, trying lawsuits for insurance companies. My practice is now devoted to handling disputes and litigation in a wide variety of civil and criminal law.

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