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We are a full service franchise consulting and development firm with extensive experience in the franchise industry. Our consultation process is a proven method of helping identify and research franchise opportunities for our clients and their target markets. We've owned franchises, we've helped build franchises, and we’ve helped entrepreneurs, just like you, achieve success in franchising!
Las Vegas, NV
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Case Study

I have 25 years of experience in franchising, and I absolutely love the thrill and hustle it takes to be a franchisee. There’s a real art to financing, owning, and (most importantly) finding the correct type of franchise to fit your lifestyle—and I’ve always been excited to share how to do it with those who are looking to sink their teeth into the business. 

That’s why I founded Ion Franchising. We’re a franchise consulting and development group dedicated to helping prospective entrepreneurs find their perfect franchise for free. We also help independent businesses and set them up to start franchising. We’re not an organization based on sales, since we’re paid by the 500 plus franchisors we represent, so we never pressure our clients. Our goal is to direct you to the franchise brand you’ll be the most successful with, so both parties win. 

Because of this, the biggest part of my job is helping my clients figure out whether or not they’re actually ready for life as a franchisee. I constantly reach out to them to see where they are in their search process and gauge whether or not they have the drive to fully commit. The problem is most of my clients have day jobs and families, so they don’t always see my phone calls and emails checking in on them. That’s why I started texting my clients instead. 

I discovered Text Request at a franchising convention and was immediately drawn to it because of how simple and intuitive its dashboard is. I also loved that Text Request gave me the option to categorize my contacts into groups and create message templates to make organizing and  reaching them as fast as possible. And I always use the custom signatures to make sure they recognize that it’s me who’s reaching out.

Most of my leads make inquiries late at night, because that’s when they’re able to do research, and I will respond to them with a text immediately to keep the ball rolling. That text I send is like an exclamation point that guarantees I saw their inquiry and am ready to start consulting with them—and they will almost always respond that same night because of it. Email and voicemail just don’t offer that same kind of speed or effect. I can’t get short, immediate exchanges like that from email and voicemail, let alone know if they’ll actually see my message.

With Text Request, I know they’re going to see my message, and I know they’re much more likely to respond. The results are immediate, ridiculously worth it, and there’s absolutely no reason why your own team shouldn’t be texting—especially if you’re in franchising. The speed texting offers is invaluable to starting and finishing deals. You can figure out which clients are serious and which ones you need to walk away from so much faster. Text Request just gives you the perfect tools to manage those conversations.

Lance Graulich
Founder & CEO

I started out in the family business on Wall Street after receiving an economics degree from the State University of New York College at Oneonta. Then I joined a TGI Friday's franchise in Phoenix, AZ, as a key executive and was vital to the rapid growth of the $225,000,000 organization. Since then I’ve accumulated more than 25 years of experience while serving as President of various franchise advisory councils and boards advising emerging franchise brands.

Fun Facts:
  • Ion Franchising currently represents over 500 franchise brands & business opportunities within every category imaginable!
  • You can go to our website and take our free assessment to determine which brands you’re most compatible with based on your skills and mindset.
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