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Johnstone Supply

Johnstone Supply is your one-stop shop, with a variety of options in unitary and specialty equipment, repair and replacement parts, and maintenance supplies for Residential, Light Commercial, Refrigeration and Facilities Maintenance. We offer the products, programs and services that help contractors of all sizes succeed. We're committed to being your HVACR resource from start to finish.
Chattanooga, TN
Years In Business
Case Study

Johnstone Supply has the largest selection of genuine OEM parts in the industry, with replacements for nearly every major brand. Our selection is continually growing to meet the needs of our HVACR contractor customers and to ensure we have the best brands and technology.

I travel between all the Johnstone Supply branches every week as part of my job as Vice President of Operations. I love interacting with our inside sales teams and seeing how they’re always trying to provide the best customer service in addition to making sales. 

We needed a way to help our inside sales team better manage orders while servicing in-store customers. People didn’t like being put on hold whenever reps had to check if they had all the information they needed to complete a quote. And customers in the store would become frustrated whenever they had to wait for reps to get off the phone. 

Texting seemed like the perfect solution, because practically everyone texts and it’s much easier to multitask while texting. But we didn’t like that our staff were using their personal numbers to text, and we wanted a professional platform where they could manage messages.

Text Request stood out to me as a solution for our multiple branches, because it lets you host multiple lines under the same account. 

Text Request also keeps a permanent record of all the messages users send and receive, and we love to double check those records to confirm customer orders. Sometimes we have customers who complain they received the wrong order, but Text Request makes it easy to send screenshots that prove we sent the order they requested. It’s also easy to handle the turnaround on fixing and updating orders, because customers respond so much faster to texts than they do to email and voicemail. 

Our customers love being freed from phone calls and they can easily do other things while our reps review quotes. Customers also love being able to send our reps photos of model and serial numbers to speed up their ordering process. 

I’m pretty sure neither my reps nor my regular customers would be able to return to the process we had before Text Request—they’ve both just gotten so used to that kind of speed and ease! It’s made the flow of orders so much faster when we can shoot arrival and pick up reminders with a simple click.

Our branches tend to average about 100 to 150 texts a week, and I love being able to keep track of those numbers through the reports Text Request lets me create. It’s just so easy! I choose the starting and end date I want to create a report for, then hit enter. From there I get a CSV. file with every users’ inbound, outbound, opt outs, and total usage stats for that time period.

Text Request has also made a big impact on our customers’ satisfaction during COVID-19. People love not having to come into the store when they can just text us what they need instead. We recently added dropoff boxes at our Knoxville branch as a result, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. That kind of customer experience is not something we would be able to provide without the fast communication Text Request provides.

Texting changes everything for the better. So much time is freed up to take on other tasks when you’re not constantly waiting on people to answer phone calls and emails anymore. Don’t doubt what Text Request can do for you and your team. 

Bryan Cupp
Vice President of Operations

I’ve been with Johnstone Supply since 2007. I started as the manager of one of their smaller branches and within two years generated a million dollars in revenue, which they used to open a second branch. Johnstone liked the profits I brought in and eventually promoted me to Vice President of Operations. I love the awesome group of people I work with at Johnstone and their family values.

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