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Just Between Friends Chattanooga

Just Between Friends is a seasonal children's and maternity consignment company. It’s a win for the consignors who earn extra money, and a win for the shoppers who get a marketplace with prices that are 50% to 90% off of retail. We also donate many unsold items to our charity partner, Bethel Bible Village, because we love to support local families in need.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Years In Business
Case Study

I bought the local JBF franchise 11 years ago as an opportunity to give back to the community. As a mother of two children, I understand how fast kids grow out of clothes and how expensive it can be for your family to buy new ones. During the past 11 years, I’ve loved watching JBF grow and making new friendships with the moms, dads, and grandparents who participate in the events.

The events have grown tremendously since I started. We host two every year, and a little over 700 parents participate as consigners. At the end, they get the opportunity to donate any items that don’t sell to our charity partner, Bethel Bible Village. This is my favorite part, because it allows us to give back to those in need while also recycling the clothes.


I started using Text Request two years ago to reach out to event helpers and consignors. We had tried several other options before then that were both time consuming and not as affordable. These methods involved a bunch of phone calls, and people were constantly reaching out to my personal phone number (at one point I even had to get a whole other phone line).

So when Text Request came along—and it wasn’t my personal number that I had to use anymore—things felt a lot more manageable. People would just text me back, instead of leaving voicemails, and I could easily manage the messages from my desktop.

Since we’re a seasonal event, we need to be able to get the word out quickly once the time arrives—and Text Request lets us do just that. We primarily use it to send texts to consignors about last minute updates, shift opportunities, and reminders. People don’t always check their emails, but I know they get my texts because everyone always has their phone in their hands.

Stacy Ervin
Owner & Event Planner

I worked in media sales for three years until my husband and I had our first child. After that I started selling real estate, but quickly realized I needed a job with more flexibility. Around that same time JBF went up for sale, and I was contacted to see if I had any interest in taking over because I had previously volunteered at the events. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I feel incredibly lucky.

Fun Facts:
  • We’ve grown so much, the 27,000 square feet facility we host in is now too small for us.
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