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Manpower of the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast

Manpower is a global staffing and placement agency. Our offices throughout the Treasure Coast has helped local employers connect with potential employees since 1959. We love providing our locals not only with jobs, but with opportunities for skills training and assessment.
West Palm Beach, Florida
Years In Business
Case Study

My favorite part of the job is helping people find the role and company that best fits them. Connecting with people so this fit can happen is a huge part of what I do. The more times I connect with an individual, the higher the likelihood that person will get placed into a job.

But with the current state of the economy, we now have an unemployment rate of less than 4%. Which means the majority of the people I work with already have jobs, and they will not answer my phone calls at work. Calls are a huge inconvenience that puts them at risk if their current employer finds out they’re job hunting. 

For these reasons, my office relies more on texting than phone calls. Texting is non-intrusive, allows the candidate to respond back in their own time, and 9/10 times people actually get back to us. Because texting is so integral to how we reach out to job candidates, we needed to invest in a texting software that could scale our communication and allow us to text from a single business number—and that’s why we chose Text Request. 

We use Text Request on a daily basis to reach out to the almost 1,000 associates and candidates we have in our database. Typically around ten of these contacts will be qualified for a specific job we’re currently helping an employer find candidates for. But instead of calling these ten candidates, we’ll send a group text with information about the job. If the candidates are actually interested, they’ll then give us a call. This process is much faster than phoning each candidate individually. 

My favorite thing about Text Request is how its software doesn’t draw a traditional line between its app and a cell phone. 99% of the time I’m using Text Request on my desktop, but I can still send and open pictures like I would on a phone. It’s so seamless, I’m pretty sure my candidates have no idea I’m not actually using a cell phone to text them—and that’s the beauty of Text Request.

Sergio Herrera
Operations Manager

I grew up in Miami, which is a hub for different communities and cultures. Because of that, I’ve always gravitated toward meeting and connecting with people, and I knew I needed a career to match that skill set. I applied for a job in Recruiting and Staffing at Manpower 10 years ago, where I thrived and worked my way up into Recruitment Management. I’m proud of the department I’ve helped create and look forward to generating more opportunities for my team.

Fun Facts:
  • Our franchise office has been family-owned for three generations.
  • We’re proud to be a mostly minority and multicultural team.
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