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RollMaster Flooring Software is the complete solution for managing your flooring business. Our core software is designed to help you grow your business and become more profitable, whether you provide flooring for large commercial projects, single family homes, or anything in between.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Years In Business
Over 30 years
  • Since we integrated with Text Request to create RM Text Alerts, we’ve created an additional 100,000 sales for our clients!
  • Several of our customers have adopted our RM Text Alerts, and they send about 15,000 messages a day on average.
Case Study

I've been with RollMaster for over 20 years, and I still get excited every time we create a new application or integration for our clients. We’re essentially a one-stop software for flooring dealers, or the folks who sell the actual materials used for floors. We help these dealers streamline their process of selling material and labor, generating sales, and completing all other business processes, all on one digital platform. 

As the Product Marketing Manager, I’ve gotten to experience firsthand how much our software can make our clients’ lives easier. The flooring industry has not traditionally embraced technology in years past, but we’ve seen that when our clients get over the initial hump of learning our software, they become so ingrained that they can’t go back to the way they did things before. They love not having to worry as much about day-to-day business, and they get to focus more on sales and taking care of customers. They also tend to get really creative with how they use our software, and that keeps us on top of how we incorporate integrations to meet their growing needs. 

We looked into integrating with a texting software because we wanted our clients to have better communication with their customers. It was a common problem for our clients’ crews to show up for an installation, only to discover that the customer had canceled last second because they needed to reschedule. We wanted to bridge that gap in communication, so we decided to look for a texting solution.

Consumers are all about their smartphones now, because it’s the one thing they keep on themselves at all times. You know they’ll always see your text messages, compared to an email that would just get lost in their inbox. That’s why we thought integrating with Text Request to create RM Text Alerts made the most sense for our dealers. 

RM Text Alert starts on our end with an automated reminder from the client’s account to confirm the installation appointment. Text messages are then automatically set up to go out based on the install date and job status. We saw a huge increase in communication by integrating RM Text Alerts almost instantly, which resulted in fewer cancellations and more reschedules for our clients.

We quickly discovered that even though these messages are intended to be notifications, customers will use them to start conversations with our clients. Our clients naturally got creative with this and saw the potential not only to use texting for installation updates, but also for sales and general correspondence.

One use case we didn’t see coming, was customer service. Customers innately know to respond to alerts when they have a question or concern, and our clients see those responses right in their dashboard where they can address them. Our clients would also much rather know via text that they have an issue they need to get on top, instead of receiving an angry call.

RM Text Alert has made us that much more valuable to our clients. I was honestly on the fence about our clients texting at first, because I wasn’t sure if their customers would feel intruded upon. But the adoption rate has been ridiculously effective because customers recognize those text alerts are an absolute need for scheduling and confirming installation appointments—especially during and beyond the pandemic.

At the end of the day, my team at RollMaster is big on not just being a one-off sales machine that moves on to the next company—we want to have a partnership with the customer instead. Building our relationship with the client and seeing them succeed is my favorite part of working for RollMaster, and I feel like the Text Request staff hold those values too. 

My advice to other companies who are considering integrating with Text Request would be to embrace the technology, especially if you’re in a field that is slow to adopt it. Our customers won’t be able to go back to the way they did things before. Text Request is a huge benefit for clients, the staff is very responsive, and the software integrates nicely.

Kelly Oechslin
Product Marketing Manager

My first job was with a mobile flooring franchise operation called Floor Coverings International, after I got my degree in Marketing from The University of Georgia. My experience in the flooring industry eventually led me to become a trainer with RollMaster in the mid ’90s. I’ve taken on additional responsibilities at RollMaster since then, including software documentation, event planning, and product marketing. I’m a published author who continues to write in my spare time, and I also volunteer for a non-profit animal rescue organization.

Fun Facts:
  • Our ability to embrace technology has led us to become the definitive leader in Cloud Based Flooring Business Management Software.
  • We’ve been an privately owned company since the 80’s.
  • We have an open API policy, so our customers are able to integrate other business and marketing software with our program to fit their specific needs.
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