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How to Manage Your Account, Billing, and Usage

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You can keep up with your monthly text usage inside Text Request, update billing information, manage invoices, and change your account plan as needed. Below we’ll offer details on each.

Note, only Administrators can access the Account menu option. For more details, view our User Permissions page.

How to Manage Account Usage

Go the Usage tab of your Account menu option. In the Your Current Plan section, you can see a breakdown of your current plan, including the monthly cost for your plan, number of messages that come with it, and the cost for any extras you might use.

Below that section, you can see how many texts have been sent and received by each of your text numbers during your current billing period.

It’s a best practice to compare your usage to what’s included in your base plan, so that you can upgrade or downgrade as needed. For more details, view our Upgrading Accounts page.

What counts towards my usage?

Any text sent or received counts towards your total usage. The only exception is texts with Text Request support (423-218-0111), which are free.

A text can contain up to 160 characters. Messages containing more than 160 characters count as multiple texts towards your total usage. To help, there’s a character counter in every Compose a New Message box.

For more details, view our SMS 101 page.


How do I monitor our usage?

There are two ways to keep up with your message use. Both are for account Administrators only.

Option 1: Under the Usage tab of your Account menu option, you'll be able to see your up-to-date usage for the current billing period.

You'll see messages sent, received, and forwarded by each line (phone number) under your account. You'll also see your plan details, including costs, number of keywords in use, and how many messages you have left for your current billing period.

Option 2: Pull a usage report.

  1. Click the usage tab under your Reports menu option.
  2. Choose the date range for which you'd like to view your account's usage
  3. Click Create Report

A report will appear, showing you the number of inbound and outbound messages for each line, and the number of opt outs each line has received.

View the STOP Message section of our SMS 101 guide for more details about opt outs. View our Upgrading Accounts page for details about changing your account plan based on usage.

How to Manage Account History (Invoices)

Go to the History tab of your Account menu option. Here you’ll be able to view invoices on all completed billing periods. Invoices include detailed information on all charges, and can be printed for your records.

How to Change Account Type

Under the Account tab of your Account menu option, you can see the plan you’re currently on. To change your plan, click the Change Account Type button, and choose the plan you want to be on. Be sure to save your changes!


Plan changes always take effect at the beginning of your next billing period.

For tips on when to upgrade and downgrade your account, view our Upgrading Accounts page.

How to Change Your Billing Information

  1. Go to the Account tab of your Account menu option.
  2. Click the Update Credit Card button.
  3. Enter your new information.
  4. Click the Update Credit Card button again to save your information.