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How to Change Lines (or View Different Text Numbers)

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Every Text Request account can have multiple text numbers. Each text number functions like a separate dashboard under the account.

Every text number gets its own Queue, Group Queue, Address Book (contacts), settings, and can have different users, too.

Since so much changes between text numbers, it’s important to keep track of which text number’s dashboard you’re viewing at any time. There are 6 menu options where you can see which text number you’re currently viewing:

  • Queue (or Group Queue)
  • Users
  • Settings
  • Contacts
  • Integrations
  • Reports

From each of these, you can toggle between text numbers using the text number dropdown menu at the top of the page.

If you happen to get a new message on a different text number than the one you’re currently viewing, a notification will appear in the text number menu. Click on the menu to see which text number has a new message. For more information, view our Text Numbers page.