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How to Send and Manage Group Messages

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With Text Request group messaging, you can send the same message to as many people as you want simultaneously. Below we’ll show you:

  • How our group messaging works
  • How to send a group message
  • How to monitor group message progress
  • And what to do with replies


How does group messaging work?

Our group messaging has been designed specifically for business. You can send one message to a group of people, or to multiple groups at the same time. Groups can hold as many contacts as you want, and can be customized to suit your needs. For details on creating and editing groups, view our Group Contacts page.

When you send a group message, it goes to all recipients. But - like a BCC email - no one can see who else the message went to. It will appear to them like any other individual message, so you don’t have to worry about contact’s seeing each other’s information, or about creating a group chat.

Any replies to group messages also come directly back to you, not to the group, and start one-on-one conversations.

How to Send a Group Message

There are two ways to send a group message.

New Group Message

  1. Go to your Queue.
  2. Click the New Group Message button.
  3. Choose which group(s) you’d like to send this message to from the Existing Groups dropdown menu. Be sure to click Add after selecting each group. You will see the Recipients box fill up with all contacts from each group.
  4. Add any additional contacts you’d like to send the message to. Type the contact's name or number into the Recipients box. Saved contacts that match what you type will appear in a typeahead suggestion. Choose the appropriate saved contact, or enter a new contact’s 10-digit phone number. Any new contacts will be added to your Address Book after sending your message.
  5. Type your message. It’s best to keep your message below 160 characters (there’s a character counter help). Your message can be longer, but messages over 160 characters send as multiple texts, and count towards your monthly total usage. For more details, view our SMS 101 page. For steps 6-7, click "Show additional options" beneath your message.
  6. *Choose whether to include a signature. If applicable, select the appropriate signature from the auto-signature dropdown menu. For more details, view our Signatures page.
  7. *Choose whether to include a saved response. For more details, view our Saved Responses page.
  8. If you have received permission from each contact to text them, click the “I have received permission…” box. If you have not received permission from each contact, remove the contacts you have not received permission from, and review our SMS 101 page.
  9. Review your message and recipients.
  10. Click Send.

All users can send group messages, but only Managers and Administrators can create or edit group contacts.

For compliance, an opt out message automatically sends the first time you text a new contact. For more details, view our SMS 101 page.

*=Step is optional


Another Message to the Same Group(s)

If at anytime you want to send another message to the same collection of contacts you previously sent a group message to, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Group Queue.
  2. Locate the group message block sent to your target collection of contacts. You can click on any group message block to get a detailed list of all contacts that message was sent to.
  3. Click the blue arrows in the top right corner of the group message block to create another message pre-addressed to the same contacts.
  4. Add or remove any additional contacts or groups.
  5. Follow steps 5-10 listed above.

How to Monitor Group Message Progress

Group messages send in batches of 50 messages every five minutes, or about 500 messages an hour. This is to keep your text number on good terms with mobile phone carriers. For more details, view our SMS 101 page.


You can monitor the status of your group messages, including how many messages have been sent and their delivery status, from the Group Message Details screen. To view:

  1. Go to your Group Queue.
  2. Click on the group message block you wish to view.

You’ll see a detailed list of contacts and the message that was sent to them.

How to Handle Replies

Because group messages send as individual messages to multiple people, all replies start one-on-one conversations. And because they start one-on-one conversations, replies to group messages appear in your individual message Queue. From there, you can handle them just like you would any other incoming message. For more details, view our Individual Messages page.