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How to Create and Pull Tag Reports

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You can add one or more tags to any message sent or received in Text Request. Tag reports let you see all messages under a give tag, and their details, in one spreadsheet.

For details on tagging messages, view our Creating Tags page. For details on how to create and pull tag reports, see below.

How to Create and Pull Tag Reports within Text Request

  1. Go to your Reports menu option. You should see the option to create a Tagged Messages Report.
  2. Click the Select Tags button, and choose all tags whose messages you’d like to view.
  3. Choose your date range.
  4. Decide if you’d like to include messages from archived contacts.
  5. Click Create Report. An Excel file of your information will download.

Included in the file are:

  • Selected tags
  • All messages containing any of the tags you've selected (appearing on different tabs of your spreadsheet)
  • A timestamp for each message
  • The user or contact who sent each message

When to Include Messages from Archived Contacts

Every business functions differently, but here are a couple of examples to help you out when determining whether to include messages from archived contacts in your tag report.


One situation when you might want to include archived contacts is when you’re pulling reports on lost prospects. Let’s say you tag messages that say something like “Leave me alone” or “stop contacting me” with the tag “Lost.”

You archive these contacts so you don’t accidentally text them again. Over time, you want to see how many prospects you’ve lost, so you pull a report on the tag “Lost,” and check the box to include messages from archived contacts.

Now you can see how many people have asked you to stop contacting them.

Don’t Include

Chances are, you won’t include archived contacts in most of your reports. Here’s a typical case.

You have your text number displayed in multiple places (Click-to-Text on your website, Google business listing, etc.), and you get people texting in asking for quotes and service and such. You tag all of these messages as “Leads.”

Later, you go to Reports, and pull a report on how many active Leads you have. In this case, you’ll only want to see active contacts, and so you would not check the box to include to archived contacts.