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How to Add and Delete Text Numbers

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"Text numbers" are the 10-digit phone numbers used to send and receive texts through Text Request. You can have as many text numbers under one account as you like. Each additional text number effectively gives you an additional, fully customizable Text Request dashboard (for a fraction of the cost of a new account).

Below we’ll explain more of what this means, show you how to add text numbers to your account, and give you recommendations on managing multiple lines.

Note, only Administrators can view the Text Numbers menu option. For more details, view our User Permissions page.

How to Add a Text Number to Your Account

Every Text Request account comes with one text number included. To add a second text number to your account (or a 10th, or a 100th), follow these steps:

1. Go to your Text Numbers menu option. From here, you can manage all your numbers.

2. Click the Add Number button.

3. Give your new text number a name to make identifying it easier (e.g. Support, Nashville Office, Karen, etc.), and click Next.

4. Choose whether you want to add a new number to your account or SMS-enable an existing one. In other words, choose whether to get a text-only number from Text Request, or to use an existing business number.

For more details, view our Types of Text Numbers page.

If you choose a new number…

5. Select the country you're in, enter the area code you’d prefer, and click Submit.

6. Choose a number from the list provided. If you don't like any of the options, select "Click to load more phone numbers" to refresh the list. Note, clicking Choose will purchase the number.

If you choose to SMS-enable a number…

5. Enter the phone number you’d like to SMS-enable (host), and click Check. This will confirm whether the number can be hosted in Text Request.

6. If the number can be hosted, click the Verify button. This will begin the process of verifying your number so that you can use it within Text Request. You will not be charged until your number has been successfully verified. If you have trouble verifying your number, contact [email protected]

Alternative: If the number you enter cannot be hosted, choose to check a different number, or to get a text-only number from Text Request.

How to Edit and Delete Text Numbers

You cannot edit any 10-digit text number, but you can edit a text number’s name.

Go to your Text Numbers menu option, and click on the number’s name (under the Description column). Edit the name as you’d like, and click Save.

You can also delete the text number from this screen by clicking Delete and confirming. However, you cannot delete the number you're currently on, and your account must always have at least one active text number.


Adding Users to Text Numbers

Since each text number functions as a separate dashboard under your account, users need to be individually added to text numbers. The exception is Administrators. All account Administrators are automatically added to all text numbers.

For more details, view our Adding Users and User Permissions pages.

Text Numbers Billing

Every Text Request account comes with one text number included. Additional text numbers will be charged to your account at the end of your billing period, based on your account plan for that billing period.

Charges are incurred for additional text numbers used at any time during a billing period. Additional text number prices by plan are:

  • Starter → $5/number
  • Basic → $4/number
  • Corporate → $3/number
  • Custom → Custom

For more details, view our Billing page.

Should I get another text number or a new account?

For some businesses, particularly agencies or those with multiple locations, this is an important question. Do you add a text number to your account, or get a whole new account?

There are several factors to consider, but they normally boil down to whether you want to use the same billing information or different billing information.

Additional text numbers are much more cost efficient than additional accounts, and easier for one or a few people to manage. But if you need to charge text numbers to multiple credit cards, you’ll be better off getting an additional account instead.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.